Shop Update: Wild Wolf Pack

  • Feel reinvigorated if you ride into the next adventure! Starting today, you’ll obtain the almighty riding wolves with regenerative effects available directly inside Tera Gold Shop. Jump to the back of any burning hot Ember Tail, an icy Frost Tail or one from the other magnificent riding wolves and become ready for your forthcoming battle. While riding these fine mounts, they’ll regenerate 1% of your respective health and mana every second.
    These merchandise is available for direct purchase:
        Riding Skill: Almighty Frost Tail
        Riding Skill: Almighty Ember Tail
        Riding Skill: Almighty Emerald Tail
        Riding Skill: Almighty Obsidian Tail
        Riding Skill: Almighty Bloom Tail
    Blaze a trail with Cheap Tera Gold an almighty wolf today!
    Have fun,
    The TERA Team