Second Set of Skill Revamps Revealed in New Dev Post

  • In a whole new developer post on the Path of Exile site, players are informed in regards to a second list of skill revamps to arrive the next major update for the game. The goal of the skill retooling process is always to "breathe new life into underused older skills with additional mechanics or significan mechanical reworks and have feel like fresh skills". Today's post details Cheap POE Orbs changes arriving at Fire Trap, Bear Trap and Lightning Trap in addition to general changes towards the trap system.
        We're going to introduce many new Trap skills alongside these changes, which we'll reveal more details on as their development progresses.
        It's worth noting that we're also likely to increase the active trap limit significantly but it is still undergoing testing to gauge the risk of doing this.
        There could possibly be other changes to Path of Exile Currency hook mechanics coming, but we're still discussing these options. It's likely that we're going to reveal more to do with this when we announce another upcoming trap skills and then keep you updated on our plans. Keep an eye out!