TERA: Twitch Prime players can receive bonus loot

  • Available since May 2012 on PC, and announced tomorrow for a release on consoles, it took 6 years for that MMORPG TERA, created by BlueHole Studio (dad PUBG and future-dad Ascent: Infinite Realm) finally arrives on Tera Gold XBOX One and PlayStation 4.
    Although announced for April 3 in free-to-play on these last, you are able to buy a Pack on the Founder for 29.99 € to learn now. And it is easy for Twitch Prime players to have a bonus loot into their game. Manual :
        Step 1: Connect to Twitch and click on the Prime Loot icon to retrieve a code;
        Step 2: Create a Bulk Account or join to the existing account;
        Step 3: Once connected for the Bulk account, get into the code received on Twitch
        Step 4: Select your console to get an additional code
        Step 5: Enter the code on the console
        Step 6: Download TERA, make a character and join a server. Once in play, you could find your loot from the Item Request (accessible from your main menu from the TERA Store submenu)
    Once the loot is open, you are going to receive a 15-day Elite Elite Status (which provides gold, an XP boost, discounts within the TERA Store and fast travel options), a gold crown, a dog purple pet, a purple weapon skin to the Plasma weapon and 10 keys.
    As a reminder, Tera Gold is going to be available in free-to-play on April 3 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however you can already participate in it by buying a Founder Pack for € 29.9