Path of Exile's Bestiary expansion allows you to hunt dangerous

  • Grinding Gear Games is introducing a lot more content to Path of Exile the following month.
    ath of Exile can be a Diablo-like free-to-play game which relies purely on cosmetic microtransactions to sustain development. Today, Grinding Gear Games announced a new content update, called Bestiary, will hit PC on March 2, 2018. An POE Currency Xbox One release will abide by roughly not much later.
    Path of Exile: Bestiary adds the Bestiary Challenge League, where players compete to hunt and capture a huge selection of the most dangerous animals that populate the entire world. That's not all though, gamers can make to sacrifice their prey to make potent items. There are around 250 regular beasts and 40 legendary beasts to capture. Performing the ritual of "Sacrifice by Combat in the Blood Altar" grants you more powerful gear through lots of powerful recipes.
    Aside from increased challenges, the event adds new gems which behave somewhat like active and passive skills. Changing existing ones and finding new combinations radically alters your attacks. While other role-playing games need you to swap out skills, Path of Exile requires someone to swap out gems.
    Aggressive post-launch support could be the main reason why Path of Exile can be so popular extending its love to this day. According to the developer, successful launches on Xbox One along with China have an overabundance of than doubled you community since August 2017. Over 3.5 million players having experienced the game's The Fall of Oriath expansion.
    If you've never played Path of Exile, be sure you give it a go. It even supports native 4K 60 FPS visuals on POE Orbs Xbox One X.
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