New Valkyrie Class Launches for TERA April 11

  • A new playable class is maneuvering to the action MMORPG TERA now as part in the game’s Honorbound update.
    The new “Valkyrie” class is launching to the game tomorrow, April 11th, alongside the modern Honorbound update. Featured above, you
    can enjoy a new trailer showcasing the valkyrie.
    The Valkyrie is called “a hard-hitting, fast-paced melee fighter” that is certainly “perfectly matched to Buy Tera Gold action combat
    style.” To celebrate her launch amongst gamers, En Masse has some events planned throughout April, including: a complimentary
    character slot (they’re also raising the utmost number of characters per server to 17). There are also some rewards for leveling a
    valkyrie to level 2 by April 30 – netting you the Valkyrie Rewards Box, such as:
        a 15-day dragon pet (Argette) income auto-loot
        an everful nostrum to assist you in combat
        a level 15 valkyrie reward box
    When you open the reward box at level 15 you receive more items, as well as a level 20 reward box works exactly the same way.
    Eventually, you’ll receive the grand jackpot at level 65, such as:
        +12 Meathanger box (Masterwork Slaughter weapon)
        Valkyrie Plunder Glyph box × 3
        Blessed Enigmatic Scroll
        Intricate Identification scroll × 92
        Undercede token × 255
        Chooser on the Slain armor
        “Chooser in the Slain”—a valkyrie-specific title limited to this event
    Previously, En Masse Entertainment announced they’re bringing TERA to PlayStation 4 and Tera Gold XBOX One. TERA on consoles will feature an “
    uncompressed conversion” from the game’s skill-based, “True Action Combat.” Coming from this, the game’s interface and control
    scheme is redone for consoles.
    You can sign up with the console beta using the game’s official website. Further details, such as the beta test information plus the
    release date, are being released the near future.