Bugs Miss TERA Beta on Xbox One, PS4 - Next Test Soon!

  • Last weekend, the open beta for TERA took place on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. But instead of gaming feasts it was for many gamblers rather a game-horror: Bugs and crashes made the eager testers life difficult. The next test should start but already this week.
    The long-awaited TERA console beta on Tera Gold XBOX One and PlayStation 4 took place from the 9th to the 12th of last weekend. The game should actually come on the consoles in 2017, after it has been playable on the PC in Germany since 2012.
    You can find the different classes of TERA here
    What should be a fun beta weekend was frustrating for many players: bugs, lags and crashes were disturbing the MMO.
    Players give their displeasure on Reddit free rein
    On social platforms like Reddit, players reported connection issues and game crashes shortly after the beta launch, and our community was not immune to the issues.
    The connection issues, which were mainly the PS4 version of the game, were addressed by the publisher EnMasse still Friday night. In order to defuse the situation somewhat, another server was set up for both the Tera Gold PS4 and the Xbox-On version.
    Still, players struggled with further difficulties that could hardly be solved by changing the game channel due to the high number of users: travel and teleport issues, UI complications, self-closing menus, load-bearing textures, and gray shadows should actually be an NPC, as well as crashes of the game or the whole console.
    TERA problems teleport
    Instead of per Pegasus it went in the beta with an atlas on trips
    EnMasse indicates further beta - later this week
    EnMasse seems to be aware that the past beta test was not quite clean across the stage. Through Twitter, they advised Beta's players to retain their installation of TERA for further testing.
    Update 13.3 .: According to the latest information (via En Masse) another, short test should take place already this week.